Thursday, October 29, 2015

Study plan...after completing both books once

9.  Start with the Liek book again, same process.  Then the Hollier book again. Take the second Hollier exam.  It takes some time to work through both books (maybe 2 months) which is why you want to start now.  You are going for a slow steady daily process that helps with slow steady persistent learning. 

10.  Compare your progress first time and second time.  You should see an improvement of maybe 5-10%.  It's cool, let it ride, you'll get even better the next time.

11. Third time, same thing, both books, all questions, including the third Hollier exam, and then compare progress. You should be getting better! 

Remember to continue to listen to one CD continuously each week and a new one every week, working you way through all of them.  

Next step: reviewing your weakness (the most important step).

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