Thursday, October 29, 2015

Study plan, reviewing your weaknesses

12. Honestly, this is probably the most crucial part of the plan, reviewing your progress and identifying areas of weakness.  

Ok, so you should have been through all questions at least two times (maybe three) before this step.  And you have probably graduated by now - congratulations!

You should have some free time now, no need for clinical studies, no need to study for school exams.  Now you will go back and review the questions, I did maybe 50 at a time and made flashcards of any that I had circled for 2 or 3 times (either a wrong answer or a guess).  

Include the Hollier practice exams in these flashcards.  Your study time may be longer now due to researching these questions.  I did this after graduation and I used the free Brainscape app on the iPad to make flashcards.  Make your own questions, and ask about what you need to learn based on what you got wrong.  If it is memorization just ask the question as in the book.  If it is theory, research the subject and make up a question that probes for an understanding of the subject.  Spend 15 minutes a day on flashcards.  Go through these flashcards every few days (you should have probably 30-70 per book, maybe more) to review until you feel that you have mastered them. 

Continue listening to the CDs, one for a week, and start over when you finish.  

Next step: intensive study of the CDs.

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