Monday, January 18, 2016

Your results...

I would love to hear back from you as to how this study plan worked.  I know the plan worked for me; with your feedback, students can also see how the study plan worked for others. 

Just comment below after you have taken the AANP Certification exam and let us know how you did.  You can comment anonymously if you like, or celebrate your success!  And both positive and negative comments are welcome.

Consider answering some or all of these questions:

1.  Did you use my plan?  If you used a hybrid plan (partly mine with your own changes), how did you change your study tactics? If you use your own plan, would you mind sharing? 
2.  How did you study, how long (approximate hours per days), for how many days before taking the certification test? 
3.  How were you scoring on the study questions?  Did you feel prepared? 
4.  What was your AANPCP score (above 500 to pass)?
5.  If you were to retake the exam, what changes, if any, would you make?
6.  Do you have any other tips to share for other students? (I have a separate page for tips)


  1. Hello Nelda,
    I just passed my AANP FNP exam :-) I have taken the exam twice before (406 first score, 476 second score) and I was close to passing but not enough to pass. I saw your blog and decided to try the plan and it was successful for me.

    I have been studying since August 2015, on and off 4 hours a day. But since the second failed exam, I have been studying for about 6 hours a day since September.

    First, I took Amolie Hollier ( predictor exam to see where my weakness was, then I studied the content that I was weak in. I went through Leik questions that are in the back of the book exactly like Nelda stated. I must of went through all the Leik questions, about 3 rounds. Another 3 weeks go by, I take another predictor test. My score on the predictor exam has gone up. In addition, my confidence level has gone up as well. I scheduled the exam 3 days before I took it because I wanted to feel and be confident ready. I felt by scheduling the exam this close has helped me lesson the anxiety.

    I took the exam last week on Thursday and I am awaiting my exam passing to come in the mail. However, I called the AANP today and they where able to tell me that my score is 568. Thats an improvement from 476.

    My tips:
    1. Read each question and answer. You can highlight and cross out anything on the monitor during the exam.

    2. Don't stay on the same question for a long time, because you can always go back and answer it.

    3. Mnemonics do help

    4. AANP has several different exam versions, so no 2 are the same

    5. Know safety (pregnancy and medication), COPD, asthma, diabetes and how to treat patients safely.

    Thank you again Nelda,

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your success story and what helped you. So happy for you, a new FNP ready to make a difference in the lives of so many!